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The Gallery of Rare Plants

by Tamaki

Buying rare plants is always a gratifying experience. Your home will never be the same after seeing our fantastic creations. These exotic and unique plants vary from easy to care for to advanced green thumb skills required ;)


Purchase high quality rare and exotic plants here
We love beautiful and unique plants that inspire wonder and make your home a place where you always want to be.  We hope you enjoy and treasure Tamaki’s creations whether you’re a  casual green thumb or a high end plant collector.

***This area still under construction Yo!***

Exhibitions: Plants & Fine Art

Tamaki’s Annual Plant & Art Exhibition Hosted by Rocky & Sabi

Tamaki’s Arm Candy by Rob-chan
Nashville TN

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My order arrived yesterday and it is beautiful. Tamaki carefully protected my plant with a water pack + dry ice due to 90 degree weather and my plant looked healthy and un-stressed right out of the box!!

Teigan Medina

We are blown away by the gorgeous, high quality Variegated ZZ Plant we purchased from Tamaki!  It looks so nice in our living room near our picture window! We couldn’t be happier with her fast replies to our questions and meticulous shipping!

If you want to experience exotic plant nirvana: Tamaki’s Amazing Plants is da Bomb!

Nigel Clements

Collette Barnes

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